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and consists of lots of relationships with small and large employers, both in the public sector and the private business sector. These are often people we know well, regularly contact us and visit regularly.


Partly to keep us updated on how their operations work and what type of employees they need today and in the future. Partly to give us an idea of what it is like to work there.


Is the environment good and are the employees satisfied with their conditions? As the link between employers and employees, we have a responsibility to ensure that the companies we work for have the right insurance and take care of their staff. If there is no collective agreement, we want a corresponding agreement solution that guarantees the rights of the employees.


We have contacts to most industries, but there are also some that we have come to specialize in, namely Construction, Hotels, Restaurants and catering, Health care and Transport, warehousing and logistics. What they all have in common is that they are large and broad industries, each involving many different kinds of occupations, and that they are all predicted to need new employees in the coming years.

Our network of contacts  is your opportunity

Study first,

work late

Do you need to read out the grades, complete your current education or train for a completely new profession? Then we connect you with one of our study and career counselors who together with you set a goal and go through all conceivable paths there. Because there are a number to choose from: Municipal adult education, universities and folk high schools, for example. Or why not a specialized vocational training?


We go through all the opportunities and forms of education, and then you get help to submit your application. If you need to apply for study grants from CSN, the Central Student Aid Board, we will also solve it.

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