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That is how you apply to Rusta och matcha

1. Contact your administrator at the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) and say you want to be registered at Rusta och Matcha.


2. Go to the Swedish Public Employment Service's My Pages and select the supplier.


3. As soon as the Swedish Public Employment Service has made a decision and you are registered, we will contact you for further information.

Contact us

Registrerad på Arbetsförmedling
Jag vill skriva in mig på Rusta och Matcha
Arbetar du idag?

is the service that provides you with maximum support and service on your journey into working life. It is the Swedish Public Employment Service that decides if you have the right to Rusta and match, but once you have received the green light, it is you who chooses the supplier - and you are warmly welcome to choose us at Trimtab.


With us, Rusta och matcha is an extra-everything service where we put in all our efforts and create an individual program that in various ways prepares you for working life.


If you want to apply for a job immediately, you get extra help from your matchmaker to find services that suit you and support you all the way with application documents, personal letter and CV.


We can also arrange recruitment meetings and ensure that you get to visit a number of workplaces and meet different employers. If you first need to complete your education, we will connect you with our study and career counselors. Together you make a plan, go through all the different possibilities and send in your application. Of course we can offer language support if you need it, and if there is a need, you can read Swedish for immigrants (SFI) while you go Rusta and match.

Rusta och matcha

Leave your information and we will help you with the training!

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