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and Staffing

Hiring staff for shorter periods, individual projects, sudden job peaks or individual assignments is the simplest and most economical way to ensure that you have the manpower you need - when you need it. We are an authorized staffing company with broad experience and a large network of qualified personnel who step in and get the job done in construction, healthcare, hotels and restaurants, transport, warehousing and logistics.


When you staff your business through us, we are the employer, which means, among other things, that we take responsibility for sickness and holiday pay. Instead of paying salary, you get a bill for the consulting fee that we have agreed on. And you always pay only for the labor you need and the hours the consultant worked.


Should it then turn out that the person you hired from us has become indispensable, it is of course up to you to offer a permanent job. The heart of Trimtab is, after all, that


bring together people who want to work with employers who are looking for an employee.


Do you want to know more?


Call or email Ali Shakoor, Business Area Manager Staffing




mobile: 072-856 39 06


and Staffing

Let Trim Tab take care of your recruitment so that you can devote yourself to your everyday tasks. Time is money and what benefits your business best is always to have "the right person in the right place".  We take care of everything from skills analysis, talent attraction and inclusive candidate experience to data-driven, objective selection and compliance.​ We are passionate about what we do and see all new assignments as unique and important challenges, where we want to shine and give clients / applicants the best match to create good working relationships.


Our recruitment specialists with solid experience and special competence in recruitment, ensure quality that you get the right person in the right place for the company. We start with a thorough competence analysis together with our client and then identify possible candidates in our broad network that can be a perfect match for your particular company. 

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