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In short, getting to know you by meeting and talking. We will ask things like What have you been up to so far? but also What do you like to do and What is important to you?


The idea is to get a feel for who you are, but also to find out who you want to be. That we know more about you than what fits in a CV, makes a big difference when we start talking to potential employers.


That we also know who you want to be, also makes it easier when we together make a plan for how you will achieve your long-term goal.

If you need more work experience, we are looking at jobs that can open the door to the work you want in the future. If you do not have the right qualifications or education, we will review the opportunities that exist together with one of our study counselors.


The right person in the right place is our guide when we connect employers with jobseekers. The goal is of course a lasting relationship that works equally well for both parties. But professional life is a journey with many stations along the way. And the right person is not what you are. It's something you become.

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